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Meet Adrian


Adrian has a degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Special Education.  He has 10 years of teaching experience and has worked with primary and secondary students in the special needs environment.

Adrian started as an intern in MINDS and realized how much he loved working with special children. He has always believed that everyone has their own abilities and weakness. Adrian was amazed to discover that his students had certain gifts despite their seeming lack of ability.  It was eye opening for him to learn that there were many things they could do better than him.   

What Adrian loves most about teaching is devising fun and interesting ways to conduct his lessons. In his own words, “Teaching should not be boring and by making the lessons interesting and fun, students will be more engaged and motivated to learn. No two students are the same so the method of teaching must change from student to student. There is no cookie cutter plan to teach everyone.” Adrian believes he can be the scaffold for his students to help them lead an independent and meaningful life.

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