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Meet Kalyisah

Kalyisah is a fully qualified early childhood teacher and has experience in teaching and managing children in both the classroom as well as one to one setting. She has extensive experience in dealing with children with learning difficulties and special needs in a mainstream environment.  Kalyisah is particularly good at engaging children and as a result building their confidence as learners.  She makes special efforts to keep the lesson relevant for every child.  She has previously also provided learning support to the children she works with to enable them to access the curriculum.

Kalyisah has a bubbly, infectious manner that quickly breaks down barriers and helps her create bonds with children.  She has always been interested and passionate about working with young children.  In her own words, she aims to educate, play, share, love and help the children she works with.  She feels that what she learnt about child development and how children learn has helped strengthen her core values as an educator. It has made her understand how children work and how teachers can facilitate their learning.


Early in her career, she came across many cases of children with learning disabilities and additional needs. This sparked her interest in working with them and helping to find ways to facilitate and scaffold them as much as possible. Kalyisah’s dream is to have an inclusive classroom where she is able to work with children with different needs and abilities. Educating parents and the community about inclusive classrooms and gaining support from them is her ultimate goal as an educator.

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