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Meet Our Team

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“Children are so fun to be around and they absorb like sponges. I love what I do because every achievement counts " Kelsey loves working with children as she believes they often teach us more than we teach them. 

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"The sense of satisfaction and achievement I get when a child reaches a particular milestone is what I love most about my job.”

Vani has an infectious energy that helps to build a fun and creative learning experience for her students.



Gayathri is our founder and director.  She is qualified in Special Education and her experience in this area has helped her understand the different learning styles of her own children and the effectiveness of multi-sensory leaning.  She is driven by her belief that every child can learn and loves being constantly amazed by the children she works with.

“No two students are the same so the method of teaching must change from student to student. There is no cookie cutter plan to teach everyone.” Adrian believes he can be the scaffold for his students to help them lead an independent and meaningful life.

“I have had great job satisfaction and happiness.  I pride myself in knowing that I am educating little minds everyday.”  Nithiya loves that she is able to share in the journey of shaping kids and guiding them to independently leading their lives someday.”

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