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All Hands Together offers the following programmes that are customised to suit the specific needs of the child we are working with



Learning Programme

A personalised learning programme for children who learn differently.

Options to teach your own child with our guidance or have a tutor come to your home.

Early intervention Programme

A unique 3 hour programme that incorporates our existing one to one learning programme with its proven track record. Our lesson plans are developed in line with the Ministry of Education's NEL framework and are provided in a mainstream preschool setting but differentiated and personalised to suit diverse learning styles and needs.

Lifeskills Programme

Our lifeskills programme aims to equip your child with the necessary skills to experience an improved quality of life.  

It gives your child increased independence through experiential activities and ultimatly helps improve their self image.  

Social Smarts Programme

The All Hands Together Social Smarts Programme helps address the social learning and social interaction challenges that some children face.


Depending on the language nd cognitive level of your child we will customise a social programme that is right for your child.

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School Programme

A one of its kind programme which offers support to children who a have a different learning style and need more individualised support. The school programme incorporates our existing learning programme with its proven track record run in small groups to provide personalised academic support. This is paired up with larger group sessions to foster socio-emotional development, life skills and independence. 

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