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The Circuit Breaker has been hard on all of us but if you have a child with additional needs it has been even more challenging.  We understand how difficult it must be for you guys so we thought we would put together a series of survival guides for this period.  Subscribe to our mailing list to get the weekly update.  And if you have a burning question or need, drop us an email and we will see if we can write one to help you out.

African American Kids Dancing

Movement breaks

For some of our troopers, sitting in one place for long is a real challenge.  here are some simple activities you can do with them to incorporate some brain and movement breaks into their home based learning.

Red Head Baby

Morning routine

It is often hard for our little ones to transition into learning especially in their comfortable home environment.  We have compiled a suggested morning routine for your to adopt at home. Routine is everything!

Girls Talking

Language at home

Everything is on hold at the moment and for some of us especially our little ones, tele-intervention is fairly challenging and limited.  Check back next week for some tips on how you can help your child at home yourself. 

Coming soon...
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