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Our Social Smarts Programme helps address the social learning and social interaction challenges that some children face.  Depending on the language and cognitive level of your child we will customise a social programme that is right for your child.

One of our key core approaches is based on Social Thinking ®, a cognitive behavioural intervention founded by Michelle Garcia Winner. Social thinking is the process by which we interpret the thoughts, beliefs, intentions, emotions, knowledge and actions of another person along with the context of the situation to understand that person’s experience. 


We would carry out an assessment which involves both a parent interview as well as observations of your child in some social environments.  Based on our findings and all other information you provide us with we will draw up a mutually agreed set of goals.  Following this we would implement our AHT Social Programme comprising of one to one or group lessons to provide your child with tools and strategies to help overcome their social challenges.  

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