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Early intervention programme

Who is it for?

A unique 3 hour programme that incorporates our existing one to one learning programme with its proven track record. This is paired with group sessions to foster socio-emotional development and provide vital school readiness skills for your child. Our lesson plans are developed in line with the Ministry of Education's NEL framework and are provided in a mainstream preschool setting but differentiated and personalised to suit diverse learning styles and needs.

  • Offered to children of neurological ages of 3 to 7 years old

  • Benefits children who require a smaller group learning environment

  • Purposeful multi-sensory learning that is fun and engaging
  • Developmentally appropriate personalised lessons 

Private one to one sessions with your child's dedicated teacher, which will be personalised to their IEP as well as learning style and needs 

What do you get?

Small groups to work on social and joint play skills

Larger group classes to work on school readiness skills

Playskills Mondays to allow children to play, learn, connect and grow

Regular visits from specialists to observe children and recommend activities suited to them as well to provide input to their IEPs

Option to have Speech and Occupational therapy at the centre

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