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School programme

Who is it for?

A one of its kind programme which offers support to children who a have a different learning style and need more individualised support. The school programme incorporates our existing learning programme with its proven track record run in small groups to provide personalised academic support. This is paired up with larger group sessions to foster socio-emotional development, life skills and independence. 

  • Offered to children of neurological ages 7 and upwards

  • Benefits children who require a smaller group learning environment - maximum class sizes of 10

  • Purposeful multi-sensory learning that is fun and engaging

  • Developmentally appropriate personalised lessons

  • Extra- curricular Fridays to help introduce our kids to new leisure pursuits and hobbies

  • Optional onsite speech and occupational therapy

 One to one and small group lessons with your child's dedicated teacher, which will be personalised to their IEP as well as learning style and needs 

Social and life skills to help foster independence and enhance communication

What do you get?

Experential learning through science, cooking, discovery and more

Regular assessments to monitor progress and update IEPs

Two tiers of support offered at either a 1:2 or 1:4 learning ratio

Option to have Speech and Occupational therapy as part of the programme

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