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Meet Kelsey

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Kelsey has a Degree in Psychology and 5 years of experience in special education.  She has worked with both children in the mainstream as well as special needs settings. She has also worked with a diverse group of individuals ranging from toddlers all the way to young adults.


Kelsey has a cousin who is on the spectrum so she has been exposed to the challenges she faced from a young age.  Although not understanding in full depth what autism was at that age, she could see that her wants and needs were different to her other cousins.  Being older than her, Kelsey always felt the need to protect her.  Inspired by this, she volunteered to help in a home for people with disabilities in university.  This further fueled her passion but what gave her the affirmation that the special education field was the right path for her was the connection she made with the special individuals she worked with.  “They may be different, but we smile the same when we are happy and cry the same when we are sad!”

Kelsey’s first job was working with young adults with special needs. They taught her the importance of acquiring life skills to be independent in the future. She was fortunate enough to be a Job Coach for a boy with Downs Syndrome. He has now graduated from working in the centre to working in Old Town White Coffee in her hometown. Watching him, she realised the importance of early intervention and really wanted to get involved in the earlier years.  She moved to a school where she worked with the EIPIC children and she absolutely loved it.

“Children are so fun to be around and it was easier to teach them because they absorb like sponges. I love what I am doing because every achievement counts, be it small or big. It makes what I do especially fulfilling when they invite me in to explore their special world. Sometimes they teach me more than I teach them—the lesson is totally priceless!

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