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Meet Nithiya

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Nithiya has a Degree in Medical Bioscience but has always had a passion for education.  She therefore decided to make the switch and pursue her career in education a few years ago.  She has 5 years of experience in teaching and has worked with both children in the mainstream as well as special needs settings.  She has also had some experience working with children on public speaking and presentation skills.

When Nithiya first began her career in special education in the Pathlight school, she learnt about children with autism and the amazing and unique traits many of them had.  In her own words, “They were such a lovable bunch of students with amazing talents.  When I work with them on their challenges and help them achieve their goals, it gives me such a great sense of achievement.”

Nithiya has a sibling with additional needs so she has been exposed to the challenges he faced from a young age.  Although not understanding in full depth what her brother’s challenges were at a young age, she has always felt the need to protect him.  He has opened her mind and taught her so many invaluable lessons in life. 

“From the day I made the switch until now, I have had great job satisfaction and happiness.  I pride myself in knowing that I am educating little minds everyday.  I am happy to be able to share in the journey of shaping these kids and guiding them to independently leading their lives someday.”

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