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1% better

Image: Instagram @chrisnikic

In 2020, Chris Nikic, at the age of 21, overcame all odds to create history and become the first man with Down Syndrome to complete a gruelling Ironman Triathlon. Nikic completed the Ironman Florida triathlon in 16 hours 46 minutes 9 seconds, swimming 4 km, cycling 180 miles, and then running a 42 km marathon. The race was not smooth-sailing and he met with many obstacles. During the race, he fell off his bike a couple of times. With blood dripping from his knee, he persevered on to complete the IRONMAN.

Chris had not had an easy life. He had undergone multiple open-heart surgeries during his childhood. He was not able to walk until the age of 4 and did not eat solid food until the age of 5. At the age of 18, his weight was at an unhealthy 100 kg. His father eventually motivated him to get off his couch and start exercising with a single pushup. Each day, he increased his repetition by 1. Eventually, he could complete 100 pushups. He made up his mind to work hard and aimed to improve his performance by 1% every day. Hence, his slogan 1% better every day.

We all can learn from his 1% better motto. We do not have to complete an Ironman triathlon. Everyone has their own Everest to climb. As long we persevere and strive to improve every day. Improvement does not have to be immediate. You can strive to walk 1 km and improve the distance by 100 meters each day. Slowly but surely, you will complete a marathon in a year or two.

In my own words, Life is like a marathon. Each step you take, is a step forward towards the finish line, no matter how long it takes. You will make it as long as you do not stop.

So don't wait.....take the 1% better challenge today!



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