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My Greatest Teacher

My name is Nithiya and I am a special needs teacher at All Hands Together. I have a lovely younger brother named Yughendra, he has Down Syndrome and he is special. My family and I feel so gifted to have him in our life. He always keeps his environment happy and positive. Yughendra is an extremely loving child who cares deeply for his family and friends.

Nevertheless, he also has his difficult times whereby he fears or refuses to attempt or do certain activities. He can be very stubborn when he dislikes certain things. However, we try our best to get him to understand and encourage him to try these activities at a slower pace.

Having this condition has never stopped him from being confident, independent and ambitious. He loves to dance and even makes TikTok videos! He is a great teacher to me, teaching me how to look at life in a positive way, to learn from mistakes and to be grateful for what we have. In fact, he is my inspiration to educate kids with special needs.



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