It can never hurt to slow down and smile.....

I took one of my teenage students out on a field trip to teach him some life skills on how to buy a meal on his own in a food outlet. Easy task, or so I thought. *Day 1: Didn't go as planned, special thanks to the cashier. * She knew my student was trying his best to place an order, but she was impatient, avoiding eye contact and kept redirecting the order to me to finish it quickly. My student was confused which made it difficult for him to understand her cues. *Day 2: When I thought things would get better. * It was a different cashier this time and she was afraid to take my student's order. As he repeated phrases several times and laughed to himself. And as expected, she was trying to get


I personally had first-hand experience in ‘normalisation’ when my teachers and peers tried to classify me as Indian. They did not know anyone else of mixed parentage and they believed that a person could only be of one race. As a child, this was very confusing for me. Normalisation involves “determining what is normal, identifying the abnormal and setting normality as an outcome or purpose” (Dahlberg & Moss; 2005, p.14). My personal experience with normalisation helped me relate to Nelly. Nelly had severe epilepsy and was on medication that made retention difficult. Nelly joined the preschool at K1 i.e. 5 years old. In K1, children are expected to read and spell simple 3 to 4 letter words.

Wait! What? It's 2018!!!

WAIT! WHAT? HOLD ON! HIT THE BRAKES! IT IS 2018 ALREADY?! What have I achieved in 2017? Ermm… phew this is hard…I mean I must have done something productive somehow, somewhere right? I don’t even have the time to reflect on this because my work is sitting here doing the hula in front of my procrastinating self. Oh please, please, please tell me I’m not alone in this? Dear fellow comrades in battle how can I be the perfect “I’ve got this all sorted out” kind of teacher. I'm picturing the famous ‘We can do it lady’ with the red bandana flexing her biceps. Don’t know her? Here she is….In her full glorious self. Ok….alright, I know it's cheesy but HEY! IT’S BEYONCE she counts right? Ok, jokes

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