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My sister is special in her own ways.

She isn’t afraid to be herself. She has a special routine that hasn’t changed over the past 34 years of her life. She has her own special ways of cleaning, folding laundry and eating chicken. She also has a special habit of reading out every word on television subtitles.

You’ll always find her fully immersed in the every little thing that she does. It often takes a lot from us to shift her attention. Watching her may make most people think that she’s in her own bubble and away from reality, but I know that’s not true.

She’s around whenever I need her. She sheltered me from the bullies at the park when I was little and she still chases away creepy crawlies because I’m simply afraid of them. She never fails to insist that we celebrate my little milestones.

My sister is one of the keys to my happiness!

She made me into the person that I am today with her special ways of loving and caring. I wouldn’t want to have it any other way. Even if I had a chance to pick a different life, she would still be my choice.



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