Put on your "child-tinted" glasses...

Human evolution is interesting. One could say we came from Apes, and another could say we came from Aliens. What I have learnt is, every story has 2 sides, and we should never jump to conclusions without hearing both sides. My blog today is about an incident that happened to my nephew, at school. His teacher was telling the class a story about monkeys. My nephew started to imitate a monkey and kept saying “monkey business”. His teacher thought he was being naughty and disrupting the class, hence punished him for being “noisy”. When I asked him why he was noisy and the teacher had to punish him, he said, “My teacher was talking about monkeys and I was just doing “monkey business” like the mo

The Purple Parade...

Purple what? Purple who? Purple when? That’s what I kept being asked when I went around talking about the “Purple Parade”. What exactly is “The Purple Parade” ladies and gentlemen? Keep calm and let me do the research for you! The research “People with special needs are part of our community and should have equal access to opportunities and good quality of life”. The Purple Parade is a movement that supports the inclusion and celebrates the abilities of persons with special needs. This movement helps create awareness towards people with disabilities and working towards a more inclusive society. The Purple symbolises solidarity for people with special needs and the square symbolises equality

Rethinking Theories!

It is vital that teachers are open to different perspectives and able to apply them to different contexts. Read on and find out how I learn

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