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A generation of idiots?

As a part of our All Hands Together Social Smarts Programme, we have been working with one of our boys on making friends. He generally shows very little interest in others so we have been working on the benefits of 'wondering' and asking about others and how that helps us make connections. The shine in his eyes when he finally worked out the joy of connecting with another human being was priceless. But this got me thinking....

Are we at risk of losing the human touch in our modern world? Look around you and you will notice the lack of human connections being made with the advent of technology. People walk around with their phones constantly in their hands. Step on the train and everyone is glued to their electronic devices. If we are early for a meeting or waiting anywhere for that matter, first thing we do is take out our phones. I have seen entire families out dining and not communicating as everyone has a device in front of them. Even the most primal human connections have been replaced with the invention of all the social dating apps of this world.

It's about time we stopped, took stock and did something.

The timing couldn't be more perfect with the New Year around the corner. This year when you write your resolutions, add one about making human connections. Perhaps some clear rules regarding the use of technology. Don't stop there, call a family meeting and agree some technology ground rules for your household. Hey, while you're at it, why don't you do the same at your workplace. Slowly, step by step, let's 'recreate' those human connections before they are completely extinct.



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