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Art therapy anyone??

For this semester at school, I decided to enrol myself in a Western Painting class as I wanted to take a break from writing my thesis. I went with no knowledge or any clue about oil painting and what it entails. I was really excited and eager to explore an untouched realm. There were 8 sessions in total and we had to complete two paintings. One would be a still-life painting and another a landscape. First day was a tad bit overwhelming as the lecturer bombarded us with various art terms and art materials. On top of that he told us to us start painting on the canvas and not to worry. Other classes were still sketching their still-life but not in our class. It was refreshing actually as we sort of “conquered” our fear of being perfect.

(Our still-life, which was very intimidating at first but the lecturer helped to facilitate the class and taught us new techniques). It was hard work I must say. Many times did I say to myself, writing a thesis is not so bad after all.

On the fourth week while we were still working on our still life he introduced landscape painting to us. Honestly, I thought to myself, I cannot do it as it looks complicated and requires expert hands to actually paint this. Just look at it? The Marshall beach. Can I really do it?

But after 8 gruelling weeks, not really gruelling but actually kind of therapeutic for me, Tadaaaahhh! My final piece. It has actually inspired me to do more painting during my free time. Hey! I may take it up as a hobby! Who knows!



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