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Heavy work anyone?

We all know how energetic children can get! As educators, we try our best to make learning more fun by incorporating movement based activities. However, in a classroom setting, there are times when we need them to be focused in order to learn. Often, children struggle to calm down.

In such situations, it can be a real challenge for both the educators and children! It was a struggle for me too! Fret not! An occupational therapist who visited our centre gave me some fantastic ideas on heavy work activities that helped my students to a great extent. It does not only help to calm their overly stimulated nervous system but also helps with their muscles. I can safely say that it works as I have tried it with my students and see the changes! Wow! I was amazed!

I am going to share some simple ideas with you today! These activities do not require much space or resources! I hope it will be beneficial for you guys too! Have fun!

  • Butt scooting- sitting on the floor and using hands to propel yourself forward

  • Crawling

  • Bear crawl

  • Pushing a box filled with heavy items such as bottles or books back and forth

  • Using a rope to pull a box full of heavy items back and forth

  • Frog jumps

  • Push ups against a wall

  • Crossing over a high rope

  • Climbing stairs

  • Tug of war

Say YAY to more fun! and hopefully some calm after.....

Till we meet again,




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