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How to bring a little zen back into your life!

It all begins and ends in your mind .What you give power to, has the power over you, if you allow it”,by Leon Brown

Is your glass half full or half empty? The answer to this rhetorical question addresses your outlook or attitude towards your life and also possibly indicates the level of your mental health. The key to positive thinking lies in effective stress management.

Positive thinking is not ignoring all life’s unpleasantness but handling all the unpleasantness in the most pleasant way possible. It is thinking that the best is going to happen.

Imagine a typically run household, where everything happens in a jiffy, From getting the children ready for school, making breakfast for the family or packing lunches for school and office. Stress tends to build up at every level in our lives be it at home or at work. Taking a minute to step back and look at the bigger picture can make us stop being hyper-focussed on the things that are bothering us and expand to see the entire vista of our lives.

Any simple negativity can be turned into a positive thought, the process is simple but takes time, practice and determination. Here are some simple things I practice to bring the zen back to my life:

  • Look at the inner YOU: Stop and evaluate throughout the day what you are thinking and try to find the best in every situation

  • Humour yourself: Seek humour in everyday happenings, when you laugh, you feel light and happy.

  • Following a healthy lifestyle and exercise has shown to positively affect mood and reduce stress

  • Continuous positive self-talk: Follow the simple rule “Don’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to anybody else.

  • Be thankful for the things in your life and be proud of who you are!

When your state of mind is generally positive, you become better at handling all life’s situations.

Till next time........Ommmm to you all!



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