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It only takes a minute....

Social stigma has caused the topic of suicide to be a taboo which has made it difficult for people with suicidal thoughts to step forward. There are usually various reasons why someone comes to such a decision but there is only ONE reason on why someone should reach out to them when you see some signs… to save a life. They might hesitate to step forward to ask for help but that does not mean that we step back. They are waiting for you to take the first step to reach out to them. Very often, we look at what is in front of us, failing to look beyond. A friend, partner, sibling or even your parents.

If you notice changes in someone, remember to look out for suicidal behaviours, (find out more), remind them of who they are and how far they have come, listen to them speak and tap on their achievements. There could be a lot going on in their head so even if they don’t speak, it is fine. Listen to them even when there is only silence. Such little actions help them to remember and look at the positive side of life. The next crucial step is encouraging them to seek professional help as their mental health needs to be assessed. Taking this step is not as easy as it sounds...but it is necessary. It will be much more comforting if there is someone to hold their hand and guide them through this.

It is no guarantee that you can prevent a suicide even with help but the chances of saving a person’s life and turning it around is much higher when you offer help instead of ignoring the signs. Remember, it only takes a minute to share positive energy with someone. You might save a live without even knowing it. Remember this…

Helping one person may not change the world, but it could change the world for one person!



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