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Outdoor fun anyone??

Outdoor play time at the playground is usually every child’s favourite activity! And let's not forget how essential it is for a child’s development too! Actually, don't tell anyone but, it is my favourite activity too! Even at this age, I often still go to the playground. My favourite ‘swing playground’ as I call it, is located just a few blocks away from my house.

According to statistics from National Council of Social Service (NCSS), 2.1% of the student population have disabilities. These children face difficulties due to their different needs and are unable to enjoy the basic facilities at the common playgrounds.

However, the good news is, in Singapore, there are now various inclusive playgrounds. Apart from the regular features, these playgrounds are built with special features such as wheel chair friendly ramps, handrails, wheelchair accessible swings, large swing seats and panels with bells and drums to cater to the visually handicapped.

This allows all children to interact and play with one another regardless of additional needs or disabilities. This positive step gives us some assurance that we are indeed moving towards an inclusive society.

You can find the locations of the inclusive playgrounds in the link below! Maybe you could go visit one today, Have fun!

Till my next post.....



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