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Put on your "child-tinted" glasses...

Human evolution is interesting. One could say we came from Apes, and another could say we came from Aliens. What I have learnt is, every story has 2 sides, and we should never jump to conclusions without hearing both sides.

My blog today is about an incident that happened to my nephew, at school.

His teacher was telling the class a story about monkeys. My nephew started to imitate a monkey and kept saying “monkey business”. His teacher thought he was being naughty and disrupting the class, hence punished him for being “noisy”.

When I asked him why he was noisy and the teacher had to punish him, he said, “My teacher was talking about monkeys and I was just doing “monkey business” like the monkey in the story”, whilst scratching his head like a monkey.

I laughed and hugged him, but I could not get over it. From his point of view, he was understanding the story and imitating the monkey in the story. As for the teacher, she saw it as him being naughty and noisy. Kids nowadays are creative and special in their own ways, and not everyone absorbs information in a similar manner.

The teacher’s story was so interesting and intriguing that it made him act like a monkey, but the teacher failed to recognise her “magic” in story telling and his curiosity, and punished him instead.

Well this isn’t a complaint, but just a thought bubble that has been popping up in my head for some time. Why don’t adults give kids a chance to explain/express themselves before judging the situation or jumping to conclusions?

As an adult, I feel that we should think from a child’s perspective as well, in any situation.



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