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Random Acts of Kindness

Monday 17th of February was Random Act of Kindness Day and we talked to our kids about kindness and empathy and also ran a kindness challenge on social media. But this then got us kindness a once a year affair? Definitely not!

Kindness is what the world needs more of, and not just in times of crisis. Kindness should not be expected of anyone but instead, it should be expected of oneself. Admittedly, I too do not practice it as often as I should. Have I been kind this week? When my students were behaving well, did I react kindly and praise them for their good behaviour? Did I help my colleagues who may seem to be in need but had rather not ask? Have I been kind to myself? Have you been kind to yourself?

In our fast-paced lifestyles, we often forget to be kind, especially to ourselves. But, it is never too late to start. When you feel exhausted, remember to take a moment to catch your breath. The world is always moving, but that doesn’t mean that we need to always be running along. Remember to take a step back, relax and pamper yourself.

Random acts of kindness can be in the simplest form like a smile to your neighbours and wishing them a good day ahead, complimenting a stranger, saying “thank you” when you get on/off the bus, or a simple donation to your local food bank or Salvation Army. If you have done any acts of kindness, Congratulations! You would have made someone’s day better! If you haven’t, you have today, tomorrow and all the time in the future to be kind.

In our school, we teach and remind our students of kindness in the simplest form: smiling at their friends, giving their friends a hug (if they are accepting of it), giving friends their space when they need it, understanding each others’ abilities and differences, and speaking nicely to them. We hope that one day, being kind to others becomes second nature to them and that reminders are no longer needed, as it is also our hopes that the children grow up to be kind and caring adults.



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