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The Pink Inspiration

How could something so beautiful and nurturing also be the cause of such pain and sorrow?? It is Breast Cancer awareness month and it got me really thinking about this. Having unfortunately lost several family members to cancer, the very word just conjurs up total feelings of negativity and helplessness.

On the flip side, I have a very dear friend and a beloved aunt who both detected a lump in their breasts early enough for it to be treated and are now thankfully in remission. However this has not been without its fair share of pain and difficulties. The journey was tough not only on them but for their spouses, children and loved ones all around them. Years on they are still living with the remnants of the disease in some form or other.

As I was pondering the small and supposedly helpless role I have played in all of this, I had a conversation with our office manager, who told me she was taking part in the Breast Cancer run over the past weekend. To add to that, I am constantly amazed by our neighbours in the mall , the Breast Cancer Foundation. There is a constant positive energy that flows through the place with the social activities for survivors, support and talks for current patients and their families, fundraising and awareness events......

So although it is easy to feel overwhelmed and inconsequential when faced with this terrible, dark monster, there is actually a lot we can do.

Here is a small start:

Take part in a fundraising event

Do a cancer run or walk

Volunteer at a hospice

Make a donation towards cancer research

Help raise awareness

Take part in research studies or be an advocate

Donate tissue

If you have a loved one facing cancer, the smallest of acts can help. Make them dinner once a week, turn up with some magazines or their favourite beverage, help to run some errands, hold their hand at doctor's appointments, get educated and aware on what they are going through, make them laugh and more importantly don't forget to allow for sadness too. They may simply need a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on.

Be strong and go forth!



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