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The Purple Parade...

Purple what? Purple who? Purple when? That’s what I kept being asked when I went around talking about the “Purple Parade”. What exactly is “The Purple Parade” ladies and gentlemen? Keep calm and let me do the research for you!

The research

“People with special needs are part of our community and should have equal access to opportunities and good quality of life”. The Purple Parade is a movement that supports the inclusion and celebrates the abilities of persons with special needs. This movement helps create awareness towards people with disabilities and working towards a more inclusive society. The Purple symbolises solidarity for people with special needs and the square symbolises equality (equal length on all sides).

Purple Parade, 2017

How it impacted me?

The Purple Parade has always been an event that is very close to my heart. At this year’s Purple Parade, I was particularly blessed and grateful to have my supportive family who jumped right in to walk alongside me in the contingent representing my centre ‘All Hands Together’.

My colleagues and I worked hard on our costumes to celebrate this amazing occasion in the event colours. As we sashayed our way down the walk I felt a sense of joy at lending my support towards the cause of inclusiveness in Singapore. It was one of those occasions where I felt I was creating awareness and sending a message out to the community to stand by and embrace the individual different abilities.

This event goes hand in hand with our company’s motto, “Embracing differences and Inspiring learning” thus making it more meaningful to me.



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