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The Sound of Music

With a hum on my lips and a song in my heart, my day begins. Music is an integral part of our life and for some of us it is hard to imagine a life without it.

Music, I would say, is an EMOTION.

Music has been known to have a very positive impact on children and in my experience their communication and behaviour improve quite drastically. Music especially singing brings out various emotions and it blends children across different nationalities, race, culture and gender. It is really helpful for autistic children to effectively express their emotions.

While planning our teaching, we tend to keep innovating different ways to teach our children and during one of our attempts we introduced music and movement as part of the curriculum. We were surprised to find that not only did the concepts become clearer to the kids, they also had better retention and they started singing the songs associated with the concept.

Autistic children are more likely to experience anxiety than the average child. Introducing music into their routine helps increase their tolerance for frustration and decrease anxious behaviours. The repetitive and predictable rhythms of music are particularly beneficial for relieving anxiety. So with this in mind, let us all find our own rhythm and fill our lives with the joyful sound of music.



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