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The world's most rewarding job!

Brought up with a passion to help, I wanted to continue when I moved to Singapore. I love teaching children and I could not overlook the number of special needs children needing care and attention here. I decided to volunteer in a special needs school and wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.

Travelling the lengths and breadths of the country to teach children encouraged me to take this as my profession and thus my stint as a special needs teacher began.

When we go and teach special need kids especially teens and young adults, we act as a bond and a communicator between the children and their stressed out parents with so many questions and insecurities. Social workers sometimes act as a cushion to help parents vent their feelings and stress. This way the social workers understand the emotions and feelings between them and try to help and nurture the children along with the parents’ help.

Social workers bring a sense of reality into the life of the children and parents and help them with relevant life skills which will help them to fit and survive in this fast paced world. Parents of special needs children need encouragement and not pity and they need a friend to discuss and help them identify simple solutions for their children.

Nurturing a special needs kid is rewarding, more so than anything else I have ever done. The small things are often huge in our worlds. It’s life lessons we learn. It’s compassion, patience, joy, and empathy on a level that no one could have ever described to me before I became a special needs teacher.



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