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Unity, empathy, love....are these lost values?

I have always wondered if only kids within a special needs system need training and help on social skills or if it also applies to kids in the mainstream.

After being involved in the education industry for over 7 years of my life, I realised that children across the board more so in the mainstream system need help on social thinking skills. As more and more gadgets and technology come into play, kids do not realise the importance of the magic words (please, thank you and sorry). Kids today get everything on demand that they have forgotten the importance of sharing and caring. Each of them have their view of world and are not ready to allow anyone else into that world which eventually pushes them into loneliness.

It is time to introduce concepts such as self-regulation, consideration for others feelings and thoughts, self-awareness, community awareness, emotional intelligence and more as a part of the curriculum for all schools. We need to mould our children into more humane leaders for tomorrow. I feel this is the need of the hour. Children are born as "blank slates” and teachers have a large role in developing a child’s perspective of the world. It is our duty to show each child that the world is safe,exciting and a beautiful place.

If the whole world was taught unity, empathy and love at an early age, imagine what we could accomplish together.



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