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What is this word.....inclusive?

Back in the day, individuals with disabilities were often marginalised and

hidden away. They were alienated by 'common' men and women. Today however, we live in an era where we have people with different abilities and needs blended together, working in different industries and able to do things just like everyone else. Yet, sadly, they are still seen to be different!

I have personally seen children with special needs being denied the right to order food just because they are taking a little longer than expected. I have seen kids teasing the special ones, calling them names which are not pleasant to hear. There are even insensitive adults who tend to look at those with special needs in a different, unpleasant way. Such unfortunate behaviour still exists among us.

This is largely because not everyone understands or knows the daily struggle of a person with special needs, and some choose to shrug it off. More awareness needs to be created to help integrate and blend people with special needs into the society. Everyone need to understand that having special needs is not a disability. They often have special talents like arts, music or cooking and many more. And more importantly they have needs just like the rest of us, to be loved and to belong.

From my experience, having a special need is not an obstacle for them to reach for success in their paths of interest. What they need is a supportive 'village' around them enabling and cheering them on. But let's be honest, is that not what we all need? So go out today and help increase this awareness and take away the prejudices.



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